Debate over Post-Workout Carbs

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    Quote Originally Posted by bdcc View Post
    I just wanted to make sure. I thought your painkillers might have been taking their toll.
    Oh they are... they definitely are lol. Thanks man

  2. At least for me carbs are crucial. I've done no carbs, lots of carbs, and medium carbs pre and post workout and lots of carbs always has suited me better for hypertrophy and energy levels due to the increase in t4 to t3 conversion from large amounts of carbohydrate consumption.

  3. I like to take Purus Labs slinshot and slam lots of carbs post workout.

  4. Just gonna add a couple readings for you guys

    Do you need anything post workout?

    If you train fasted in the AM you might want to take in some protein immiadetely following your workout in order to prevent protein breakdown and promote protein synthesis

    A small amount of protein (20g) taken pre workout changes this need for post workout protein intake (WRT to combating post workout catabolisim you dont really need it as much ) In this case probably can just wait til you're hungry and eat a normal meal

    As for co-ingestion of carbs with protein postworkout. The evidence is sort of lacking to really make any concrete statements IMO. If your goal is hypertrophy, showed that adding carbs to protein postworkout did not stimulate protein synthesis anymore than protein would alone found the same to be true

    so co-ingetion of carbs and protein post workout does not increase protein syntheis compared to protein alone

    Now for athletes training multiple times a day or week (such as football players and such) it may be wise to take in some carbs post workout in order to refill muscle glycogen

    also see this thread for more studies on glycogen resynthesis Do high GI (fast) carbs PWO equate to a faster rate in lbm gains?

    I would say the need for any food post workout depends on the intake of protein prior to the workout and the need for carbs post workout depends on the goal of the individual. With the exception of performance athletes, taking in carbs post workout may not really benefit them anymore but I dont see it as really being inherently bad, just possibly unnecessary.
    "The only good is knowledge and the only evil is ignorance." - Socrates


    Participants divided into 2 groups. 1 group consumed a PRO+CHO mix immediately before and after training while the other group consumed the same mix but delayed 5 hours. Group 1 had a greater increase in lean body mass and 1RM strength

    This was a similar one to the above but found no significant differences between the groups
    "The only good is knowledge and the only evil is ignorance." - Socrates

  6. There's several studies comparing protein vs Protein + CHO ingestion on MPS, but I can't seem to find one where it was consumed in a pwo environment...

    edit: Just saw Josh's post.. i retract the previous statement


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