chocolate milk post work out.

  1. chocolate milk post work out.

    Its amazing for post workout recovery, an is better then most sports sponsered drinks! So post work out I slam a true moo!

  2. Good stuff. I love the gallon of chocolate milk a day for bulking. I'll never do it but it sounds cool lol

  3. a gallon of choco milk a day?
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  4. I think it's suppose to be a gallon of milk, plain (GOMAD). Not chocolate. Though, for most I don't think it's the best option for bulking.
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  5. I've always thought the concept was ridiculous
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  6. You have to find the milk treated WITH the hormones.

  7. Milk just makes protein shakes taste so much better too. Choc Milk with a good Strawberry protein is awesome.

  8. Not a gallon haa like a 8 or 12 oz trumoo right after ya lift

  9. No choc milk here but I do drink a 1 1/2c of raw whole milk post workout,but with it being raw it goes bad within 4days after busting the top open.
    Just found this out last week after a workout,took a big chug and it was not a pretty sight!Now I do the pre sniff test.


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