chocolate milk post work out.

  1. chocolate milk post work out.

    Its amazing for post workout recovery, an is better then most sports sponsered drinks! So post work out I slam a true moo!

  2. Good stuff. I love the gallon of chocolate milk a day for bulking. I'll never do it but it sounds cool lol

  3. a gallon of choco milk a day?

  4. I think it's suppose to be a gallon of milk, plain (GOMAD). Not chocolate. Though, for most I don't think it's the best option for bulking.
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  5. I've always thought the concept was ridiculous

  6. You have to find the milk treated WITH the hormones.

  7. Milk just makes protein shakes taste so much better too. Choc Milk with a good Strawberry protein is awesome.

  8. Not a gallon haa like a 8 or 12 oz trumoo right after ya lift

  9. No choc milk here but I do drink a 1 1/2c of raw whole milk post workout,but with it being raw it goes bad within 4days after busting the top open.
    Just found this out last week after a workout,took a big chug and it was not a pretty sight!Now I do the pre sniff test.


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