Carb backloading and calories for recomp/cut?

  1. Carb backloading and calories for recomp/cut?

    I've been reading Kiefer's carb back-loading book but it he mentions not talking "about calories or restricting them". Does this mean I go with bulk calories, slightly above maintenance....? I've been searching through the book but don't see a starting point I can work from. Any experience anyone has with this?

  2. For ulc days 1:1 fat to protein @ 1g protein / bw scale back as needed

    For lift days
    Before lifting -.5:.5 fat to protein g / bw
    After lifting protein + Do the prep phase and use the charts in the book to figure out max carb grams for back loads.

    No simple answer. It really is a learn your body experience.

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