Keto Diets?

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    Please, someone correct me if I'm wrong. Most of the low-carb studies do not include crb refeeds, correct?
    AFAIK yes, and many I've seen also stop before keto-adaptation has taken place

    And to the OP, when I was low carb too long without refeeds, (4 months <50g carbs/day) the ONLY thing that could get me through training was heavy doses of PWO drinks. So from personal experience, I can vouch for refeeds as critical (for me at least)

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    No problem man.

    How you like the SSV2? I've got some samples and was looking to implement some type of ALA product into my cut. It has a good dose of Na-RALA and has benefits for things other than insulin manipulation, and to add to refeeds. MulletSolider has a thread somewhere around about adding in an ALA base to use along side AP.
    I really like SSv2. First GDA I used. When I take it before a meal with a large amount of carbs, I no longer feel sluggish afterwards and I'm not noticeably bloated. When I take it pre bed, I wake up looking and feeling leaner. Like my skin is tighter and I am more vascular.
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