What type of calorie adjustment for cutting while On?

  1. What type of calorie adjustment for cutting while On?

    157 lb's
    4 weeks into a cut @ 1850 calories a day, ive probably got another 4 weeks till I reach 10-11% bodyfat which is where id like to be. was wondering what type of adjustment I should make if I continue cutting while adding in 20 mg of methylsten daily for another 4 weeks? I was thinking of doing 2200 calories for the first week and bump it up to maybe 2400 after that. Do you think this would be too much of an increase to notice any significant fatloss?

    If it makes any difference I'm planning on continuing to eat clean and switching my macros to allow for more fat and obviously a lot more carbs on cycle.

  2. only way to see is to try it and adjust according to the scale
    1300 pound club, 1400 in site

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