Diet help/ Question Please?!?

  1. Exclamation Diet help/ Question Please?!?

    Hey guys! So long story short, I'vebeen having medical problems, one of which caused me to gain weightuncontrollably. My thyroid is under control now, but I shot up from 130LBS to190LBS at roughly 25% body fat. I'm definitely not huge, but it seems most ofthe weight went to my gut and I'm not at all happy about the way I look. (Notthat I was before, but obviously this has gotten worse) I decided to dosomething about this 2 months ago and just finished my second micro cycletonight of a modified version of Jim Stoppni's shortcut to size program which Ifound on

    So my question is this:

    Right now my body is holding dramatically more fat than muscle (most of whichis in my gut area) and I have the skinny fat thing going on. I'm definitelyseeing some results from the past two months of working out, but nothingdrastic. If I eat my maintenance level of calories, will I still gain muscleand hopefully lose enough fat to even out? If not, should I be focused onbulking or cutting?

    Also, are there any supplements I should be taking to help speed this up? (Nosteroids!!!!)

    Currently taking:

    Assault Pre-Workout (May be trying something different soon because there isway too much caffeine in this and I'm sensitive to it)
    Up your Mass protein shake (2 scoops 2x day)
    Muscle Pharm Armor-V Multi vitamin

    Thank you!!!

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  2. definately drop the "up your mass" weight gainers are garbage shouldnt even be used when bulking in my opinion and expensive to boot. To your question on if you should focus on bulking or cutting, if your body compisition is as you describe it you should definately focus on cutting first before trying to add muscle size. once you are at a lower bodyfat level your insulin sensitivity will be improved and your body will be in a better state to build muscle at that point.

  3. True, but won't I look like a toothpick again?
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  4. well you wouldn't necessarily have to cut all the way to 130 lb again but try to get the "gut" to a point your more happy with. also just continue to lift heavy when you slowly lose weight so you"ll retain the muscle you have and will look leaner then start a lean slow bulk. imo

  5. You don't turn fat into muscle.

    And if you are having concedrns over your current fat levels, why are you taking a mass gainer?

  6. Has great macronutrients, BCAA'S and EAA's. Dividing the dose in half and taking it twice per day as a meal replacement.
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  7. Stop it! No reason to take a mass gainer when you are fat. If you want more protein eat your calories.

  8. What protein shake would you recommend then? I can add oats to it....
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  9. Diet so far looks like this: Meal 1: 3 scoops up your mass 300cal Meal 2: 1 chicken breast 1 cup brown rice 1 tbsp. butter meal 3: 4 eggs steal cut oats Assault pre workout Meal 4: 3 scoops up your mass meal 5: 2tbsp natty peanutbutter and 1 or two cups almond milk
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  10. I know it's not perfect, but I'm on a budget and need something very simple so please let me know what you would change...Thanks! Oh please keep in mind that I'm not eating fish.
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