Log Keto Diet+Stack- Alphamine+Compound20+Vanillean +ReduceXT

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  1. Log Keto Diet+Stack- Alphamine+Compound20+Vanillean +ReduceXT

    So the story is I used to be a rugby player and powerlifter and was in excellent shape for years. After a bad knee injury (4 screws and blown out ACL & MCL) and a hectic work schedule after college lifting/exercising and diet took a major hit. I went from 190 at 7%bf to 240 at 20%ish bf over 2 years. Now that I'm focused and set a goal of reaching my college shape I'm going to get it.

    Lose 50lbs in 12 weeks

    Pure Ketogenic Diet- Less than 25G carbs daily- I used to use CKD with great success and plan to transition to CKD later on.
    Diet is primarily chicken, beef, pork, eggs, cheeses, almonds, natty PB, Romaine lettuce and other greens and tons of water. I will try to stay under 25g for at least 6 out of the 12 weeks.

    30-40min of HIIT 4x per week
    Lifting: I want to drop some excess pounds and strengthen my core before going hardcore with weights so I will lift light for another week or two (just getting back into it as well).

    Compound 20
    Reduce XT
    Lean Xtreme (found part of a left over bottle, will dose this at 1 cap a day until gone)- thoughts?
    Ketostix- to make sure I'm in Ketosis

    So I've been on the diet for 13 days thus far and my supps just came in so I figured it should be logged as I didn't see anyone else try this stack yet. I took all of them already and I will say I feel great. The alphamine is delicious and I can definitely feel the warmth and a super clean and focused energy. This is definitely going to help get up early to go on those fasted morning jogs before work. Weight is right around 240lbs and I will do my best to update the weights weekly. Only update now is I tried the ketostix two days ago and confirmed I am now in Ketosis and my girlfriend said she can tell my face is beginning to thin out. The 'keto-flu' is now over and I feel great- it only lasted a few days though. For some reason I always did well with Keto in the past. That's all for today, let me know if you guys have any questions and I'll do my best to answer them.

  2. Good luck man! Props to you for changing your lifestyle, hopefully you will accomplish your goals
    Instagram: legsthesizeofkegs

  3. Hey man, I'm in for this log. I was ketoing last week but I couldn't get those first few days with end of the year exams and finals coming. Foggy headedness doesn't really help you out on an organic chem II or physics II exam lol. You should throw up some before and afters, a lot of people can take your word for it but its nice to be able to see what youre saying your doing then seeing the results pay off in the end. Either way I'm in! Goodluck.
    Training log:


  4. In man!

  5. Thanks everyone!

    Jswain34- Keto+chem+physics, I do not envy you right now haha. I noticed the best way to combat 'keto flu' is to increase your fats a little bit, I read this has to do with ketones replacing the glucose as your primary energy source. Since ketones are being produced from fat/body fat, having some extra fat might help with energy (from my experience thus far, I like almonds or Omega supps). I don't know about before and after pics yet, I've thought about it though.

  6. So heres the update everyone who's following:

    I am down to 234-235, so I lost about 5lbs this past week which I'm pretty satisfied with. This week will be somewhat of a challenge as I'm on a business trip in Baltimore for the next 5 days. I will stick to mainly steak, grilled chicken, and salads (my company pays for 100% of food expenses) and the hotel has a cardio room I plan to use. I will update again soon.

  7. Finally settled in for the night after a 14.5hr work day. My boss said to be ready to work 8am to 10pm at least two days this week while I'm here . Still, I stuck to my diet today.

    Breakfast: beef jerky and low carb monster ( I know terrible but I was running late so I had to get something at the gas station):10g carbs est

    Lunch: iceberg lettuce, mozzarella cheese, grilled chicken and Caesar dressing: 6g carbs est

    Dinner: grilled chicken and cheddar cheese :2-3 g carbs ( 1oz of cheese should be treated as one gram of carbs if the carb count is 0).

    Also took the supp regimin. Too tired too run so I'm going to get up early tomorrow and use the hotels 24hr gym.

    I probably didn't get enough calories today, but my job is hectic and we eat when we can.

    Any ideas for a low carb calorie dense snack to bring to work tomorrow (must be premade as im in a hotel so i cant cook)?

  8. Peanut butter & macadamia nuts are some of my favorites.
    Training log:


  9. I usually go for some almonds. Half a cup is like 6g of net carbs
    Instagram: legsthesizeofkegs

  10. Thanks for the suggestions! I was thinking of different kinds of nuts a little bit yesterday but was unsure which I should get, I think I'll try the Macadamia as haven't had them in a really long time.

    This morning woke up at 6am and got some cardio on some type of elliptical machine (it was like an eliptical mixed with a stair climber?), it kicked the S*** outta me lol. Now I have a meeting in the morning followed by the office so I will likely work until 8-9:30pm tonight so I will check back later.

  11. Log for 4/23/13

    So got out of work last night and my boss took us all out to Tilted Kilt for drinks and food. I had a cheese-steak salad (cheese, steak, lettuce, blue cheese), no tomatoes. Then to drink I had 3 Jack & Diet Coke (felt guilty, but everyone else kept ordering drinks and I didn't want to look like a jerk lol).

    Breakfast was scrambled eggs and kielbasa sausage. Lunch was a burger (no bun) with bacon and onions plus 1/4 cup of broccoli. I estimate my total carb count for the day was around 20g or less which is good because the diet coke & Jack should count towards something. Felt really hung over considering how much I drank earlier; from this point on I'm going to try to stay dry until I reach my goal weight

  12. Log 4/24/13
    For Breakfast: nothing, woke up late- freakin booze, I'm done with that crap!

    For Lunch: Went to a deli, everything on the menu had carbs so I got a chicken cheesesteak and only ate the filling (chicken and cheese only)

    For Dinner: Filet Mignon, 1/4 cup of asparagus, 1/4 cup of green beans.

    Est. Carbs: 15

    Workout: Got home at 10pm fully exhausted, passed out before getting to the gym.

    Unfortunately this morning (4/25) i woke up late again, these 12-14 hour days are killing me. I can't wait to get home for the weekend, only 2 more days!

  13. Good morning everyone,

    Log 4/25/13

    Breakfast: Spicy Beef Jerky and water- Carbs 7g

    Lunch: 2 beef burger patties, 2 slices of american cheese- Carbs 2g

    Dinner: Prime Rib and 1/4 cup of green beans and house salad with blue cheese (no croutons or tomatoes, just lettuce and onion)- Carbs 10-12g

    Total Carbs:About 21 grams

    After dinner I ran 2 miles and burned 355 calories, felt great. The supplements definitely are helping me find the energy with the crazy work schedule to still get some cardio in. I also measured my gut and lost almost an inch since coming to Baltimore a week ago (from 40" to 39"; back in my prime it was 32.5" so that is the long term goal). Things seem to be picking up steadily now that I have begun to hit cardio a bit harder. It will be ten times easier in 2 weeks when I'm back home (I work from a home office usually) so I can easily find the time for the cardio and weights. I will try to get my weight this weekend.

    Cannot wait to get home after this work day and see my gf again...next week they are making me work here again (12-14 hour days). Being a salesman and not an operational support person (what they have me filling in for at the moment because a bunch of people walked out of this branch), I cannot stand doing this type of work. I would take landscaping or construction in a heart beat over this confusing cluster#### crap!

    Sorry had to vent, LOL

  14. On another note, not sure if its the keto diet or the supps but I noticed that my muscles are feeling more full and tight even though working out has not increased. Any idea as to why this could be?

  15. So I weighed in, only lost 1 lb but lost in measurements, clothes feel looser and muscles seem fuller. Is it possible this diet can recomp your body to a small extent with minimal exrecise?


  16. Loss of water weight most likely.

  17. Broken Bottle- so what you're saying is I lost 1lb of water weight? How would this explain my muscles feeling fuller and losing almost an inch off my midsection?

  18. Finally back from the work trip, going to be much easier to stay strict with working at home again (can fit in a workout a lot easier), and not eating out all the time. When I ate out I tried to stick to salads, steaks and bunless sandwiches (burger pattie, steak and onion etc...) but I'm sure restaurants sneak carbs in somewhere (like certain sauces or dressings although I stuck to blue cheese). I feel like progress is being made but I hope to take a big step forward in the next several weeks.

  19. Quote Originally Posted by exrugger View Post
    Broken Bottle- so what you're saying is I lost 1lb of water weight? How would this explain my muscles feeling fuller and losing almost an inch off my midsection?
    Well when you're in keto you lose fat and water. Didn't notice you'd been on the diet for over a week. So could have been pure fat loss, could have been water or both. Muscles may just seem fuller because losing fat and water or maybe you did lose pure fat.

  20. I have a feeling I lost mainly fat as almost eveyone that hasn't seen me in several weeks say they can tell I lost a good amount of weight. I think my muscles have just toned up and that explains the tighter feeling. On another note, staying below 25g carbs is getting really old- anyone have a favorite low carb meal (or snack) to mix things up?

  21. Sorry I haven't updated in a while, I will try to get my weight again tonight. I did fall out of keto for a day this week when I went out and drank some rum and diet cokes (4 to be exact, I know way to many but I was holding super strong for almost 6 weeks). Now I'm back into keto (keto stick verified) and I started the day off with an intense 30 min HIIT session. Also found some new recipes to mix up the keto game, adding alot more veggies (red and yellow peppers, zucchini, spinach etc...) and trying to slowly lower my fat intake (unhealthy fats like from red meat).

  22. Just weighed in at rhe end of the day in jeans and shirt at 233. Snce I usually weigh in with an empty stomach and in gym clothes I'm guessing the weight loss is closer to 2-3lbs , but im officially down about another lb from last week. Hopefully the new morning HIIT will help me bust past the 230 mark.

  23. Ran 3 miles of HIIT on wood chips/mulch trail in the woods today. Rough terrain, up and down hills...great workout but you have to be careful not to roll an ankle. I can definitely see and feel a difference and I have a strong feeling I'll be under 230 this weekend.

    On another note, I got a new keto recipe app on the phone and made some Natty PB Cookies. Delicious way to break it up and satisfy the sugar craving! There is about 1g carbs per cookie so you can eat a bunch of them to satisfy the sweet tooth.

  24. Woke up today to take a waist measurement- 38.25" around, down another .75" . This weekend I'll weigh in but I have a feeling I bust past the 230 mark.

  25. Weighed in today at 227 , I figure I'm down about another 5 lbs from last week. The weight lifting and cardio w the diet were key in picking up the pace. I will try to post my weekly routine later today.


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