Pain in my wrist

  1. Pain in my wrist

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Size:  8.4 KB My wrist hurt me the way of red line(on picture*). Hurt me when im doing biceps exercises and some of Chest exercises. I think i hurt my wrist when i was begginer I do bench press without wrist warm up and i thihk that is problem. What to do when im doing biceps and chest exercises to not feel pain in my wrist?? Im using gloves with wrist support but its same i feel the pain, what to do? Thanks

  2. I injured both my wrists last fall and broke my radius in right arm in half so I'm very familiar with the type of pain you're describing right now. I had gloves with wrist wrap supports but they did jack. I find taping my wrists works infinitely better at supporting it during curling and pressing. Give it a shot. I also take an ibuprofen with my pwo on Chest or arm days that ill be pushing or curling heavy. The area has still gotta heal and get stronger so don't use the tape more then you have to. I also take plenty of fish oil , calcium, and a joint complex to aid in the healing. It's slowly getting better and when I feel it's time to take a break I do and concentrate on other lifts that don't hurt. Hope to be curling 65lb dbs and have my 18.25" arms back by fall but well see. This is just what's working for me. Whether there's a better way or not Iono but hopefully you can take something from it. ;-) good luck

  3. I think to buy
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    maybee will help me. I must try.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Lord_Of_Iron View Post
    I think to buy
    <img src="****79 019"/>
    maybee will help me. I must try.
    I've been meaning to try them. Just used to tape. That would be a much cheaper alternative in the long run. I just think I may feel inclined to wear those more then needed as with tape I'm always trying not to use it.
    I did chest today without taped wrists cus they've been feeling better. Went well and hit another PR in the process. I'm pretty sure ill still need to tape for curling motions though. In time. Just be patient and don't overdue it cus you'll just set yourself back further. Work around it till its stronger. Maybe go pick up a wrist roller. I don't use mine as much as I should but when I do before lifts it really helps

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