Eating right. 1000 cals a day...

  1. Eating right. 1000 cals a day...

    Basically I am trying to loose a few pounds and tone up.
    I heard its unhealthy too have too few calories a day.

    Past few days have been like this... Breakfast homemade smoothie (apple juice, orange juice, grapes, raspberrys and a banana). And a crumpet

    Went the gym. Then had a protien shake.

    The. Had turkey tikka and lettuce

    Tea I had sardines on toast.

    Is this too few ? I don't feel hungry either.
    Thanks in advance.


  2. It's going to depend on your size and activity levels. I'm in the camp that thinks you should attempt to lose weight with as many calories as possible. Weight loss is going to stall at some point regardless and you need a place to go. In addition, eating such a low amount of food will inevitably slow your metabolism as the body seeks out equilibrium. Let's get some more info such as height, weight and general activity levels

  3. 5"7 10stone. Get to the gym 5 days a week. Thanks

  4. yes 1000 calories is way to little for ANYONE , except an infant
    1300 pound club, 1400 in site

  5. Quote Originally Posted by cumminslifter View Post
    yes 1000 calories is way to little for ANYONE , except an infant
    Agree with this. 1000 is incredibly low - for ANYONE. As the first responder noted, you need to be careful about not consuming enough calories, as it WILL inevitably slow your metabolism and produce the opposite effect that you want. The body is extremely intelligent: if you try to starve it, it will react in the opposite manner and will start to store body fat as a means of survival. Your BMR will also decrease, meaning you will burn fewer cals while at rest.
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