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  1. Carb Cycling

    So I'm looking to try carb cycling for the first time. I did a bunch of research online and am looking from some advice from the AM peeps. The plan I found has you doing 5 days on low carbs with two high carb days. I'm 205 and it said for low days to get 123g carbs and high days to get 287g carbs. Does anyone have any feed back on this or advice on what worked for them?

  2. there are hundreds of different ways to carb cycle, what you posted looks fine. you will just have to see what works for you.
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  4. There are many different ways to carb cycle, you have to see which works best for you. I personally do 3 low days (these are my off/cardio days), 2 high days (the body parts I want to improve the most or toughest workouts), and 2 medium days. The high days contain the most calories, medium days about 250 less and low carb about 500 less than the high day. Read this as a good blueprint.
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