Macro-nutrient Ratio help!??!?!?

  1. Macro-nutrient Ratio help!??!?!?

    I was doing some reading and all of this is based on 2000 calorie diet but I seen the basic ratio is 3:1:1; With 60% of calories comming from carbs and 20% coming from protein and fats. It said you could adjust these but I am on high protein diet trying to build these muscles haha I take in about 220 to 240 grams of protein I as wondering what kind of numbers would be ideal for my carbs and fats? I am not trying to lose any weight and I am not trying to gain any either. I roughly take in about 2300 calories right now and I seem to maintain pretty good now, but my buddy is all gung ho about this now and it has got me worried about my diet and if it could be better.

  2. Re: Macro-nutrient Ratio help!??!?!?

    Check this out. Has a couple different settings you can use.
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  3. do not base your macros off of percentages.
    fat .4-1g per pound BW
    protein 1 g per pound BW
    Fill the remainder of calories with a combination of carbs/proteins and fats in whatever combination you please
    1300 pound club, 1400 in site

  4. Thanks guys!!!

  5. banksy...for macronutrients, you must realize that everyone burns fuels differently...this is based on your genetics, physiology and the standard protocols out there are just that, standard attention to how you feel some people do better at high protein or lower protein and higher carbs and higher fat...if you follow the standards out there and dont get the results you want with energy, muscle gains/strength and fat loss...then you must go back to the drawing board... high level athletes are now testing their genetics and doing physiology challenge tests to know the exact ratio of macronutrients for their body...this is going to be the future

  6. Hmm I wish an expendable income to get some genetic testing to take out the guess work


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