What is the Best Water Filtration System?

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  1. You know the luckiest people live around underground water supplies. Their tap water is as clean as it gets. I believe NYC is one of those places and they actually bottle and sell their tap water.
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  2. http://www.danreid.org/health-alerts...ower-water.asp

    Here's an interesting read. And yes you should be fine with a quick and lukewarm shower.
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  3. Has anyone tried Alkaline water?

  4. No, how do you get it?
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  5. They sell bottled alkaline water which is fine but they have them in plastic containers. Even though they state bpa free I'm still a lil wary about drinking from plastics. They do sell machine attachments that attach to you sink and make your water alkaline but they cost upwards of 2000.
    Been trying to educate myself on water recently and it's not easy lol

  6. Reverse osmosis
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  7. I have a Berkey Water Filter. I like it because it filters out flouride.

  8. the neti pot sinus filtration system will get your water the most pure

  9. I live in nyc we have good water but at home i have a General Electric system just incase. when not home i drink Poland springs

  10. Any of you guys drink only alkaline water?
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  11. Quote Originally Posted by feather319 View Post
    I have a Berkey Water Filter. I like it because it filters out flouride.
    I've looked into this filter. How do u like it so far? Do you see or feel a difference?

  12. What's all your thoughts on an aquasana water filter?


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