Diet advice!

  1. Diet advice!

    Hello, this is my first post on this forum Im in need of direction on what to do with my diet. I recently had a BCA test, and the results were fantasitic, and body fat at 10%. I strictly clean eat, weight train 6 days p/w and cardio 4 days p/w. My diet is: On heavy training days (4 p/w), I eat roughly 1700 cals. On light days and rest day i eat roughly 1400 cal. 50% of these cals are always protein, roughly 25% fat and 25% carbs (although these can vary slightly either way) I dont refeed or include cheats, but i am feeling an occasional calorie boost is needed. What i need info on is would it be best to carb cycle one day a week or boost cals with one high cal planned cheat once per week? I am not interested in losing more bf, but I would like to maintain what I have and focus on building muscle without gaining extra bodyfat.
    I hope someone can help thanks

  2. if you want to gain muscle eat at a 10-20% calorie surplus. no need to carb cycle

  3. I'd suggest tweaking calories up on training days and down on off days by 100-200 calories, and have it all be carbs.

  4. Thanks... Ill go with increasing my cals and see how that goes.

  5. Also.. Can I add, and would love advice on, given my height, 5'2" weight, 57 kg, bf 10% and with training 6 days per week, I have worked out my maintenance cals using a TDEE calculator should be around 2400 per day... That seems very high to me and to go beyond that for gaining muscle is a stretch, particularly with my strictly clean diet. I find it hard to physically eat more than 1800 cals and to stay within my ratio % for fats, cho and protein. Could I please have some feedback on my maintenance calories and if I have them correct. A personal trainer at my gym (3 x bodybuilding female winner) says I should cheat eat (binge) once per week to boost my cals.. As a female coming from a bad dieting mentality (ie, thinking under eating calories was good) its hard for me to get my head around eating all of this food. Some reassurance would help

  6. those calculators are just suggestions, your individual metabolism can vary greatly. So mostly you just need to work out what your own actual maintenance is. The idea of cheat meals makes sense if you are on a strict weight loss diet, coming from a higher bodyfat. In your shoes, I wouldn't worry about having to have one, but also don't beat yourself up if one happens now and then either.


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