What are some supplements for High Blood Pressure?

  1. What are some supplements for High Blood Pressure?

    I'm starting a 4 week cycle of Methylstenbolone and I've heard a large side affect, aside from heptatoxicity, is high blood pressure. I'd like to add in a couple supplements, such as vitamins/minerals etc, some natural things to add into my cycle to help combat high blood pressure. Does anybody know anything that helps with this? Perferably something you can buy just right at your local supp shop or something.

  2. Hawthorne berry.

  3. did you not buy a cycle support product?


  4. Quote Originally Posted by OnionKnight View Post
    did you not buy a cycle support product?


    Created my own cycle support and created it specially for my body and for this cycle, I have a couple blood pressure support supplementives but I am just looking for peoples inputs on stuff and what they recommend and such. I would like to add in one more but I just don't know which one to use.

  5. ok. coq10 is another one for your list. lots of water too

  6. Double post

  7. If youre older and if you can afford it ubiquinol would be better then coq10. Coq10 is ubiquinone that your body has to convert to ubiquinol. Ubiquinol is a little pricier but readily absorbed and that helps depending on age. If youre in your 20s coq10 will convert just fine and saves you some cash.


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