Lets discuss using a cyclical ketogenic diet for lean gains with very little fat accumulation.

Macros are (10/40/50): 65gm cho, 310 pro, 170 fat = 3,030 kcal. I know the carbs and protein may be a little too high for true keto. I count everything -- so the carbs include fiber and protein is from all sources. One refeed on Saturday (probably 400-500gm carbs).

My maintenance is approx 2,600 kcal. I'm current around 12% bf. Training is 5/3/1. No cardio.

I'd monitor and increase fat calories (mono and mct) as need. 0.5 - 1.0lb per week would be good. Recomp would also be fine for a few weeks.

I'd like to hear from:

1) Those who have done CKD for gains (not for fat loss).
2) Not "hard gainers". Then again if you're a hard gainer you probably never did CKD.
3) No theory. Just real life experience.