Weight Gain fat/muscle?

  1. Weight Gain fat/muscle?

    Ok so I read something on the internet about you need so many calories to gain muscle I thought it was like 5000 cals. for like 1lb of muscle but I think that is incorrect but I also know you need 3500 to gain a lb. My question is so how do you know if it is fat or muscle? Does it depend on the foods you eat? How active you are like say in the gym. My workout buddy and I have been discussing this and do not really know the answer. We think it probably comes down to the types of food you are taking in and fat calories and all that jazz but no totally sure. I would google it but I am not exactly sure on how the question should be asked with out it being a big long one that will most likely not yield me good results anyways.

  2. Yes indeed, it is due to what you eat... but it's also how much you eat. I don't understand a lot of these "formulas"... I'm pretty sure you have to learn what your maintenance calorie intake is and go from there my friend

  3. OH and this next part I can't confirm, but I heard if you do cardio BEFORE you work out it will burn fat while still alotting muscle growth. Sounds too good to be true but I'd love to hear on it

  4. trying to figure out of its fat or muscle by formula is a waste of time....use a mirror. If you put on 5 lbs and you look and feel better then you did good, if you look worse and feel like crap then it was fat. simple.

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