Paleo powerlifter with questions about F/P-based non-keto diet.

  1. Paleo powerlifter with questions about F/P-based non-keto diet.

    I call myself a powerlifter because I do all the big compounds and my rep range is generally 4-7. I also like to hover around 6-8%BF by eating 200 calories below/above maintenance -- slow and steady.

    My whole lifting life has been carb-heavy eating, even since going paleo a year ago (I boil 7-8 sweet potatoes at a time) Right now I'm eating 205c/185p/75f and am cutting fat. I'm not interesting in cycling or fasting, I've always ate the same cals on all days (with the exception of PWO nutrition right after lifting, which has basically been 30 grams high-GI carbs/40 grams protein, then I eat my next meal 1 hour later) I want to slowly work up to a 200 calorie surplus and I want to try a low carb fat-heavy diet instead, while not being in keto. So here are the questions I have:

    1. What should my new macros be, roughly?

    2. Can I swap my macros 'cold turkey' or should I slowly dial everything over the course of a few weeks?

    3. Since I won't be in keto, do I still need a weekly carb-up day for my leptin levels etc?

    4. Is going low carb, but not low enough to enter keto a dumb idea?

  2. 1. Its up to you. What you have currently set up looks fine, I would just raise fat intake up to 100g

    2. I would make little changes over a period of time son you get a better idea of how you are responding to the changes. Start by increasing fat intake for a couple weeks. If weight gain is occurring then you can start by dropping carbs a little and then reassess and see how you do and so on

    3. Wouldn't hurt

    4. No but with your sport (power lifting) you may suffer a performance decrease.

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