Females and adding testosterone/hunger/downside?

  1. Lightbulb Females and adding testosterone/hunger/downside?

    I'm a long time exerciser. But most of my exercise life I've remained the same. I have a physique that is resistant to change. People say, not possible. You must be doing something wrong. I've been doing this since I was 15. I work out harder than anyone I know. Even the guys at my gym give me props. When they are heading out, I'm still working out. So I decided to try some products I'd never tried before while also keeping on a regiment of regular supps (currently the NLA for Her products and a MASS assortment of vitamins).

    About 2 weeks ago I got Erase Pro. I hesitated for a day before taking it, then the first five days I was a wuss and split it into two capsules. When I didn't see my chin sprouting hair (lol) or an adam's apple I started taking the whole thing. It wasn't until about a day or two ago that I started to wonder if the reason I was feeling so incredibly hungry had to do with the EP I also (just today) added Badass "Ignite" (and popped 2 of 'em like it was nothing when I slunk around the EP lol).

    I just finished eating like a pig.

    So, I guess the first thing I'm doing is stopping - at least - the Ignite (should I?). But I'm wondering if I should stop the EP as well. All I don't need is to think I'm making progress and gain weight instead. I just wanted the EP in the hopes that SOMETHING would help me make some muscular gains. I have a puny-ass bicep for all the weight work I do. Ditto for the tri. I just want to get as much out of my workouts as possible. I'm literally in the gym all afternoon.

    Why does my body *refuse* to change??? I do not slack. I eat right. I sleep well. I take care of myself. But I still have a shape that - IMO - doesn't show my hard work.

    Thanks for your thoughts and opinions.

    ***My feet are hurting from kicking so much ass.***

  2. From your dp you look like you have a good figure. What's your diet like?

  3. Appreciate the compliment, Thyrod No one would say I have a bad figure (per se). I am just kinda, well, mushy in spots lol. I work my tail off. I shouldn't be mushy (mostly thighs). I work so hard my knees hurt and most recently my elbows. I will not "overdo" it when they flair up but I don't use it as an excuse *not* to exercise. I'll just use a different variation - same intensity.

    I seem to only get so far. I had hoped that perhaps the boosters (EP and now with the addition of Ignite) I could lower some of that fat-making estrogen and boost the muscle-building testosterone. But I'll be honest, I'm not sure I completely understand how this works. While I've exercised for years, I'm not a chemist lol. Seems like you had to have a medical degree these days to figure this stuff out. I've read that increasing testosterone can work AGAINST you and potentially make *more* estrogen or increase your appetite so that you gain weight.

    As for my diet, it is clean. Yes, I might throw in the occasional (and no, not every day) few Mike & Ikes or a half bite of a cookie (at someone else's house. I don't have them at mine). But everything in my fridge is organic (mostly bought from Trader Joes and Whole Foods). I try to add some variety to chicken by getting different pre-made types at TJs. I actually really can't stand chicken - nor eggs or beef or most of the stuff we are supposed to eat. I'm Italian. I like BREAD! Lol. But for many months I didn't eat bread or cereal. About 2 months ago I added it back in. I only eat the Trader Joe's Ezekial bread or sourdough or rye as they are slow releasing more complex carbs. I just don't function well with just meat and vegetables.

    But this past week or two I noticed my eating increase. Slowly at first but then last night I felt absolutely ravenous (unfortunately around 11 pm). I ate clean (plain chicken and fresh beets) but I ate like a whole meal at 11pm (and even had some of my Ezekial bread as well). I felt a bit out of control honestly. My brain didn't start to re-function until AFTER I'd stuffed my face.

    ***My feet are hurting from kicking so much ass.***

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