Confused about macros

  1. Confused about macros

    I'm just a little confused because I've heard both.Ive heard eat a gram of protein per pound of bodyweight and I've also heard about different macro ratios such as the 40/40/20..I'm a little over 180 but I need a lot of calories in my day..if I went by ratios then I would get way more than 180 grams of protein so which one is right??

  2. there is no right or wrong answer. i use 1g per bodyweight and sometimes get less than that
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  3. I do a ratio of 3/2/1, carbs/protein/fat. No right or wrong. Try everything until you figure out what works for you.

  4. Most people will have varying intakes dependant on what suits them best.

  5. Would my ratios change at all if I was doing intermittent fasting or would it be the same



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