Breaking the Intermittent Fast

  1. Breaking the Intermittent Fast

    I'm currently doing intermittent fasting for bulking (16hr fast 8hr feed). Coming from a typical bodybulding diet, its getting a little hard to keep on going during the fast. I find that DS Craze (1 scoop) can usually keep me focused and energized while fasting.

    DO you guys think that the craze pretty much breaks my fast? I mean because it has creatine etc...

    I ask because when I was doing the blueprint 2.0, i was told to stay away from craze during famine because it would essentially put back what we were trying to depleate due to the creatine etc.

    its hard to word this, i hope i was somewhat clear. Thanks.

  2. Re: Breaking the Intermittent Fast

    Its fine. Blueprint is a very specific approach. For your current purposes (IF) craze is fine

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