Pre, Intra, and Post workout Nutrition

  1. Pre, Intra, and Post workout Nutrition

    I thought it would be interesting to facilitate discussion regarding pre, intra, and post workout nutrition strategies we all utilize. Lately, Ive been doing 1/2 cup old fashion oats/1 tablespoon almond butter/1 can tuna in water all 1 hour preworkout. Then, intra is 1 scoop power carb/1/2 cup oats, 10 g bcaa, and 5 g creatine all mixed up in the old shaker bottle. Immediately postworkout is 2 scoops WPI. What about everybody else?

  2. AP........Whey/Karbolyn...........P-Slin/whey/karbolyn/Glycofuse
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  3. Whatever sounds good
    BCAA/Gatorade powder
    Whatever sounds good

    I'm pretty bare bones these days and would rather eat for my post training intake, which is usually 1200-1500kcals.
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  4. Intra workout: water

  5. Quote Originally Posted by R1187 View Post
    Intra workout: water
    Crazy guy ^^^ haha
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  6. Re: Pre, Intra, and Post workout Nutrition

    Pre n post i eat whole meals unless im pressed for time.

    Intra is waximaize and peptopro if i have it or just aminos.
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  7. I have always taken postworkout nutrition seriously. However, it wasn't until I started taking pre and intra nutrition seriously that I noticed significant improvements in recovery. I used to workout on a completely empty stomach (2+hrs with no food) and then a 1-1.5 hr workout, then I would eat. I did this as my preworkout instructed so. No more, man. I am enjoying the constant flow of nutrients around workout time.

  8. Pre-workout i usually will have whole food protein source or shake and healthy fats.
    Intra-workout i sip on bcaas
    Post workout i will have whole food protein and complex carbohydrates
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  9. Depends on when I'm training. I train either at 5:00 AM or 4 PM. It's slightly different. On my AM training days I do the following:

    Wake - Prodigy (Pre workout by PNI)
    20-minlater: 2 scoops of Humapro or Protein Powder, 1 scoop of Hydrolyzed Brown Rice Solids

    During: 10-15 grams of BCAA

    Post: 10 grams EAA + 40-50 grams of Karbolyn

    30-min later: 6 egg whites, 3 whole eggs, 1 cup oats

    Obviosuly this changes if I'm cutting

    On PM training days I'll eat 8 0z beeef and 1 cup greens 90-min b4 training
    30-min before training I'll have 20 grams carb powder + Prodigy
    Immediately before 7-10 grams eaa
    during 10-15 grams bcaa
    post eaas + Karbolyn
    30-min later - 8 oz chicken, 200 grams sweet potato


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