Can someone make out a diet plan for me

  1. Post Can someone make out a diet plan for me

    Here what I usually eat

    Breakfast A good half of a cup of Quaker Instant maple or cinnamon no sugar with two pieces of Ezekiel's bread if we don't have Ezekiel's bread all just do great value wheat bread. Alternatively, I will do one liquid egg white with two pieces of wheat toast or Ezekiel's bread and one water.
    than I workout I'm currently doing P90X but cutting out all cardio because gym membership are really expensive where I live I have some weights at home.

    .After workout depends sometimes another egg white or a piece of wheat toast with all natural peanut butter on it or a fiber bar of some sort.

    Lunch Chicken breast baked with usually a salad with some light ranch and some sort of fruit or broccoli and sometimes a white potato.

    snack almonds or some fiber bar or a lemon.

    snack same usually

    Dinner whatever mom cooking if not usually another chicken breast with broccoli or whatever my moms cooking as long it is not deep fried.

    Snack another lemon usually I would do popcorn but so much butter.

    I know I need to add more and stick to a dietplanneddout,t but I need someone to make one forme;e I don't do supplements and I'm not huge on whey. Can someone help me or make oneout?.

    I usually wake up around 8am I'm trying to get up at 4:30everyday,y and I go to bed around 9:30 or10:00.0

    can someone help me? Thanks

    I'm 5 ft 1 96.8 pounds trying to gain 20 pounds and build muscle.

  2. Well, there are a few things you could definitely improve upon in your diet. For instance, instead of instant oatmeal with the maple or cinnamon flavor which is loaded with added sugars, you should use plain regular old fashioned or quick oats. Add splenda or just cinnamon if you must have the sweetness. You could even add a scoop of protein powder to your oatmeal which would not only make it sweet enough, but it will give you the much needed amount of protein you need. Secondly, one egg white isn't enough! PERIOD.
    Lastly, this community is very helpful and willing to share ideas or give out advice, but as for asking someone to take the time to give you a free specialized plan when many of us make an honest living doing so is a bit of a stretch.
    Also, you havent given much information on which someone could make a proper recommendation...for example: height, weight, bf%, goals, current training, lifestyle daily caloric exertion...all of these play major roles in preparing an efficient meal plan for a client.
    I suggest you look in the weight loss or weight training section and search around for similar posted diets in individuals journals that match criteria similar to yours. Many people on a budget usually start here as a good base.

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  3. What your eating sounds just fine. No one is goibg to make a diet plan for you. Track your calories and find out how much your eating. Do you gave a smartphone? There's tons of free calorie tracking apps. I use mynetdiary. These apps will tell you how much you need to eat to gain or lose weight.

  4. Hmm I eat in 2 meals what you eat in a day...not enough cals, doesn't even sound like 2000 gain muscle you need to eat more than you burn, pretty simple....IMO p90x will not put a lot of mass on your frame, only good ole barbell and dumbbells...P90x is great for burning mentioned 1 egg white isn't enough at all... lemon for a snack? Noo
    I'll post my sample diet for you but I'm 5"10 204 pds,13% it won't necessarily work for you but you get an idea, I'm here to help not charge people who want guidance ...

    Breakfast-3 egg whites,2 eggs mixed with turkey sasauge
    1 c oats, or whole wheat bagel with pb...

    Lunch-6-8 oz steak, chicken,or fish
    Sweet potatoes, baked potatoes, or 1 c brown or white rice,
    1c veggies

    Snack- 5 egg whites, almonds

    Dinner- usually same as lunch, or I may get creative and make lean meatloaf, healthy pizza, while wheat spaghetti with ground turkey, whole wheat soft tacos with alvacado....

    Before bed- 1 c cottage cheese

    in between meals I sip on some whole milk....

    Again this is my current bulking diet, just guidance for you, hope this helps, and I hope you eventually start lifting at a gym, one of the best investments you'll make...

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