What is the best Meal Replacement Shake?

  1. What is the best Meal Replacement Shake?

    I heard alot about meal replacements shakes, and most often I listen about Shakeology, so my question is that whats shakeology is and how i can use it as meal replacement shake?

  2. This is the first time I've seen Shakeology on this forum. From my understanding(and I could be wrong) it's a brand of "nutritional" shakes by Beach Body, who also owns P90x and Insanity. Sure it's probably healthy and works (depending on your goals, I guess). They have different recipes and whatnot and they give you the stuff to make it with. To me, it's a huge waste of money when you can just buy a tub of whey protein and some fruit from the grocery store and throw it in a blender.
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  3. You should NEVER replace a solid meal with a protein drink. The only use for a protein drink is to get in the extra protein you will need from intense exercise and to fill your macro-nutrient needs. When I say "never" I mean if only if you absolutely have no other choice. Protein drinks are inferior to whole food. They are just there to fill in the gaps when can't get enough protein from whole food. Or you can drink one when you don't have time to get calories in other-wise. "Replacing" a solid whole food meal with a protein drink though is a really bad idea.

  4. Best advice right there
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  5. Just add protein, peanut butter, banana's, oats, and milk and you're good to go.
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  6. Yeah, blending up whole foods to drink them instead of eat them is fine. In a morning rush, I find it convenient to throw a bunch of **** in a blender, pour it in a glass and hit the road with breakfast on the run.

    The best shake is one that lends itself to you caloric and nutrient goals the most.

  7. Depending on what camp you originate from within debates on macros, calories, etc. you may find meal-replacements to be useful or useless.
    So long as a majority of your calories (and protein specifically) come from whole food sources which bring minerals, fats, or other nutrients to the table (whole eggs, chicken breasts, etc.), I don't see the harm in them.

    That being said, I like to integrate the tastier protein powders into my liquid meals; I'll usually blend one scoop of Ultra Peptide (by Xtreme Formulations) with 2 cups of cottage cheese and pour it over 50g of whole shredded wheat. If it's bulking season you can add some peanut butter in there as well. Alternatively, you can play with the UP:CC ratio depending on your needs.

  8. good shake idea..

    fat free milk...i just pour enough in
    scoop of protein
    half of banana
    handful of frozen strawberries
    peanut butter
    half of raw oats. sounds weird i know but they are whole great, high in fiber, and great carb source!

    protein shake ideas are endless esp with a good blender!

  9. Best meal replacement is one you make yourself,you get to know everything in it and can tailor it to your goal(protein/carbs/fat=cals)
    Egg whites,greek yogurt for protein works well along with ground oats sweet potatoes,fruit,chia seeds,almond/peanut butter,coconut oil.

    Its all about how it works and hopefully it taste good,i myself dont care about taste within reason as long as i get the desired results(i'd eat the ass out of a hog if it benefited me)


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