Warrior Diet?

  1. Warrior Diet?

    Is anyone doing this? Basically just 1 meal a day, well at night. How do you like it?
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  2. sounds like IF but a little more hardcore. i cant imagine that would be good for you physically or mentally. maybe if you ate one gigantic fuking meal lol, but id still be irritable and have headaches all day without food

  3. I tried this over the summer, it had its pros and cons. It's a 4 hour eating window so I had 2 large meals a day. I was cutting and I thought it turned out reasonably successful, I got down to around 8%. Throughout the day i had around 20 grams of bcaa's. It may have been all mental but I felt a lot weaker in my workouts, and significantly lesser pump, which is a given since you will not have eaten any carbs. I say if you are cutting to go ahead and give it a shot, but if you are bulking I would not recommend it. For the first 2-3 days I got pretty hungry, but then my body adapted and it was no problem.

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