Just One Question for IF Guys

  1. Just One Question for IF Guys

    You eat alllll of those calories between, whatever, four an ten or two and eight or ten or whatever... the next morning, you're FULL of food. When can you ever weigh yourself? We should all be drinking a gallon of water a day (I drink two because I'm always thirsty) so as soon as I'm up I'm drinking water. You're never "empty." How do you ever get a weigh-in?

  2. I just weigh my self the same time every week or two. Right before I lift. N by same time I mean right round 9am. If u keep same routine u should be Able to keep track that way

  3. Agreed, Friday mornings before squats I way myself. I don't really think its anything to stress about.
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  4. You don't have to have an empty stomach to weigh yourself
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  5. As long as its the same time of day, you should be fine. Wake up, take a duece, step on the scale.



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