The Truth About Soy Protein? (open discussion)

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    I am with the argument of the eastern cultures who's diets are almost exclusively riddled with soy! And yes, they are in better health than us Americans! Ive read the it helps reduce risk of colon cancers and helps reduce risks of heart disease too. And the fact that it is a plant phytosterol means its less likely to cause an increase in estrogen levels. Weight gain and high lipid levels cause a raise in estrogen because they greatly effect healthy testosterone production and increase cortisol levels making fertility and reproductive health a challenge. It was not specific to soy....

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    I personally don't think that them eating soy is the reason they're healthier. It is most likely because of the other sh*t americans eat (mcdonalds, high fructose corn syrup in everything, refined sugars in everything, sugary beverages, etc) and they are not consuming, not necessarily the other way around.
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    Not that I mean anything, but I'd be seriously interested in how yoru blood work turns out. Probably impossible to do, unless you are a lab tech or work at a lab, but I think it'd be interesting to see how soy protein effects blood work acutely as well (ie pre ingestion and post ingestion at 30-60-90 minutes and even through the day), on top of long term use (as is after 45 days).
    yea I don't live in a lab lol and realistically it would have to be after the holidays as I'm leaving town for a few weeks

  3. Soy beans are very rich in isoflavones, which fight heart disease by working in combination with soy protein; they improve the balance of cholesterol in the blood as it makes your blood less likely to clot.
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