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    Hey is weight Watchers a bad dieting system? I understand they use a points system and that they don't go by your set post (BMR), and that they pretty much preach that you don't have to give all foods just eat small amounts. I personally believe that its some BS, but how can I encourage others that have been brain washed into thinking that its a good system, see that's its not, or is it just me?

  2. My mother and my girlfriend(sometimes) does weight watchers. I think its cray, but. it seems to work and help people with portion control, and weight loss



  3. As johny said, I personally would never use it. But my dad went from being pretty overweight at 6'3 320 to 230 pounds in about 4 years of weight watchers and using the elliptical/light working out on a bowflex. There's no question it helped him lose that weight. Its probably best for just someone whose main goal is to just simply lose weight, without regard to where the weight loss is coming from.
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