anyone here knowledgable about VAT?

  1. anyone here knowledgable about VAT?

    I have an abundance of visceral adiopose tissue. From what I can gather from researching it on the net, the only way to go about lowering it is to 1). Increase. Testosterone. 2). Eat a high fat low Carb diet. 3). The carbs that I do eat have to be as low GI as possible. Does this sound right? Anything else I'm missing?

  2. Look into cortisol and modulating cortisol through the 11hsd pathway.
    Products that help modulate it are
    11 spray
    Abliderate advanced
    Lean Extreme
    Anabeta elite
    Erase / erase pro

    Products containing forskollin, magnesium and much more...
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  3. I've been taking erase pro for the last two weeks, and I just got my anabeta elite yesterday. Ill see how it goes. Thanks man.

  4. Garcinia cambogia 50% hca can help with vat.

    Adipose annihilation v2 has a good dose In there and I'd you stack with recompadrol you can see a dramatic decrease with the proper diet

  5. Only VAT? Been checked out by a Dr.? That can be indicative of a number of health problems.

    It can also be due to several anti-autoimmune drugs, so if you're on a prescription for such, that could be the root of the problem.

    Why do you think going ketogenic will fix it better than simply adjusting your caloric intake?
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  6. Quote Originally Posted by EBF Inc
    Gingko bilboa also has nice VAT reducing properties... Aav2 is a solid choice
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