guillain-barre syndrome??

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  1. Yeah honestly I was moved to a sub acute rehab facility and Cuz of the move I had 3 days off. One I started therapy again I saw the biggest leap in progress. I was so ecstatic when I stood up by myself without someone helping. Im starting to really get my tris and biceps back. I can't wait til I'm fully healthy enough to go back to the gym and start working out for real. I used to hate when going to the gym and see very little progress. But with this illness and seeing how long it takes, I understand how precious gym time is haha. But yo I appreciate the shout outs everybody and again anybody who's had this is way more then welcome to talk and tell their stories.

  2. Sounds like ur on ur way back.... With ur attitude U will make it all the way back, hang tough.......

  3. Sooo since I last responded I have started walking with a small base 4pt. cane. I still need a lot of work on my balancing. Any suggestions on how I can improve my balancing by simple exercises?!?

  4. I wish I still had the exercise sheet I used to use at home. Here are some examples of exercises I did at home:

    Side Leg Raises - Hold onto the cane with one hand and lift the opposite leg. Alternate between legs.
    Front Leg Raises - Same as above but Raise the leg forward
    Back Leg Raises - Same as above but kick leg backwards.
    Stair climbing - Hold onto railing and go up and down stairs.
    Hip raises - Lying flat on your back and thrusting your hips up.
    Pushups - I did them with my knees on the floor, girlie pushups

    I did this for several months. Hope this helps.

  5. Good to hear from ya.... I personally didnt get NEARLY as bad as you, but the exercises listed are good ones to start with. Bug ur rehab people for more solo work if they feel its warranted... Stay strong and kepp us updated, again I am so thankful for the somewhat mild case I had all those years ago.....

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    Sooo since I last responded I have started walking with a small base 4pt. cane. I still need a lot of work on my balancing. Any suggestions on how I can improve my balancing by simple exercises?!?

  6. Yeah I've heard all different stories about recovery rates by patients of GBS. Its definitely got my mind and thoughts changed. One good thing about losing so much weight and body mass I can put on proper weight and muscle.

  7. Great to hear ur progressing.....

  8. Just saw this thread and it caught my eye. Shortly after I moved from AZ a couple years ago a close friend if mine there got this. Happened all of sudden. He almost died and it hit him very hard. He's just now getting back on his bike after almost 11/2 years of recovery. I had never heard of anyone else having it before seeing this thread. Extremely scary stuff. Great you survived and recovering well. Take care.

  9. Yeah I've heard of stories where people never even got some strength or movement even back. But I'm thankful as hell to see a huge improvement. Before I got sick I was never eager to do leg workouts. Now I can't wait to do leg press or leg extensions. Anything to see that strength increase.

  10. Wow long recovery time, but it looks like you are doing well. I've only just read this thread recently, I have worked with 2 GBS patients but whose recover time was 2 weeks and 4 weeks. Did you receive plasmapheresis treatments?
    PT, DPT, OCS Clinical Residency

  11. Yeah I received plasmapheresis for 4 days and ivig for 5 days


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