What to eat at night?

  1. What to eat at night?

    I run early in the morning, but always wake up hungry. Any ideas on what to eat to rise and 'shine' when running.

  2. I have great luck with protein shake before bed. I have heard your body is working off your food all night and about half way in the night the good stuff is metabolized. If you add extra protein, your body will be able to process it and stay in its anabolic state. Breakfast is easy. Eat oatmeal before you run and let the slow processing grain fuel your body during your run. Replenish your body after your run with milk or chocolate milk. Milk is extremely higher in potassium and other electrolytes than say a sports drink. This is my routine. I think it works for me. I haven't had any problems. I'll be watching thread for better ideas. Good luck.

  3. Eat breakfast before you go to bed!!! A bowl of heathy cereal (ie raisin bran Cheerios) egg sandwich/tuna sandwich or my fav PB&banana sandwich (whole grain), Greek yogurt.

    I wo early and fasted and I feel great during.


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  4. its hard to expect your pre bed meal to plenish your morning w/o's or cardio. coffee and aminos help with hunger
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  5. Quote Originally Posted by hvactech View Post
    its hard to expect your pre bed meal to plenish your morning w/o's or cardio. coffee and aminos help with hunger
    It works for me.Dont eat anything extra before bed just some protein,fiber(veggies/berries)and some fat.Wake up down some coffee sip on some bcaa's before or durning depending on what i got planned on doing and do it.

  6. I take a casein Shake before bed. It always helps so I don't wake up starving! Coffee and eggs or steel cut oatmeal with berries in the morning for my pre-workout.

  7. High fiber protein bar before bed. Possibly home made, its something I've been trying! Goodluck

  8. Eat whole grain foods, salads and raw veggies.......these are easier to digest and provides you more essential vitamins and minerals!!

  9. Quote Originally Posted by spebone View Post
    I run early in the morning, but always wake up hungry. Any ideas on what to eat to rise and 'shine' when running.
    PASTA: It will take you less than 10 minutes to cook pasta noodles. Top it with your ready-to-eat bottled sardines or pesto sauce and you'll ensure yourself of a great race performance or heavy run training the next day.

  10. I do either a casein shake with flaxseeds or peanut butter, steak and veggies, or chicken and veggies. Works well for me

  11. As you can see from the many conflicting responses, there is no right answer. It really depends on your goals. If you're looking to lose fat, do the run fasted and push through. The hunger should go away quickly once you get started. If you're more concerned about performance you need more calories, most likely carbs, either first thing in the morning or right before bed.

  12. I have a six egg omelette w/onions and tomatoes, with a serving of Greek yogurt, before bed. I usually don't wake up looking for food in the middle of the night, and routinely break my fast around 3-4 with no issues.

  13. What to take before bed:


    What kind?

    -Anything your daily macro nutrient and caloric allotment allows for

    Why not a shake and avoid evil carbs or devilish fats?

    -Because that is not science, and that is just an old pagan myth.
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  14. Rice cakes and a protein shake with milk.
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  15. I just had 2 turkey sandwiches. It was outside of my macros but **** it.
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  16. Experiment with some of the ideas you got here and see which works best for you as everyone is different.

  17. i like a salad w/ tuna and some cottage cheese

  18. Hello, fruits are a great way to finish your day. Before going to sleep, you could have a bowl of mixed fruits. Also, whatever you eat, keep it light. In my opinion its best to fill only 60 to 70 % of your body at dinner.

  19. If you are a bodybuilder and going to gym. You need not to eat too much or heavy meal in nights. So, that you can sleep well, You can take some milk shakes of apple or banana's. Drink milk before going to bed, it will help you sleep well in night.

  20. Did you know there is a biological clock that is inheritent to our muscles and independent of the central (brain) clock that responds to light? Neither did I until recently.

    This muscle clock is sensitive to a few things, in particular, feeding and exercise.

    In mice (mice are active at night and sleep during the day), providing food only at night changed their activity patterns such that they awoke 15 min before feeding time in anticipation of food. Great, so it interrupted their sleep, right?

    Actually, following 4 weeks of this feed protocol the mice lost muscle function. In isolated muscle fibers from these mice, they actually did not produce as much force irregardless of stimulus (either electrical or via calcium).

    What Esser et al. found was that the contractile proteins of the mice fed 1/2 way through sleep actually mutated (in a not good way).


    What you see on the right is a normal cross sectional area, and on the left you see the fillaments do not align in the normal 1:8 ratio.

    I'll see if I can dig up the primary research papers from the talk. It was quite interesting, and though I have never supported the idea of eating half way through sleep to increase protein...has changed my ideas regarding eating a big meal before bed.

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  21. Peanuts, around 500gr and half a liter or 1l of skimmed milk, that's my way to go to bed happy

  22. I eat almonds and 200-250 grams of yogurt or 300 ml milk 1.5% in order to have protein while i am sleeping.

  23. this is my routine, 1scp Iso Whey, 1scp casein, 6oz Hood Calorie Countdow milk,6 ice cubes, 2 tblspn greek vanilla yogurt, 1 scp PB

    next morning wake up and drink BCAA go running.
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  24. i eat whatever i want because thats what i want at at the time.......
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  25. Quote Originally Posted by spebone View Post
    I run early in the morning, but always wake up hungry. Any ideas on what to eat to rise and 'shine' when running.
    I like to have a green superfood shake before going to bed with flaxmilk and greek yogurt and a good pure whey. If your metabolism is that fast try using casein protein before going to bed. This particular protein gels up and thickens, keeping you full longer and slowing down the rate of absorption.

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