alcohol and gains, with SMALLTIME drinking

  1. alcohol and gains, with SMALLTIME drinking

    i found an interesting link but i'm apparently not allowed to put up the link because i have insufficient posts... but it basically states that alcohol really only lowers test by 6-20% at the most and that's with heavy drinking. it also talks about how it stimulates various pathways that support cardiovascular health and how it reduces insulin resistance.

    and i was reading through it, because i've been debating on moderate consumption of red wine (my triglycerides are HIGH up there). no beer, as i'm aware of the estrogen-like compounds in it. no i won't be drinking heavily either.

  2. anyone have any experience on how it'd impact some gains?

  3. a glass every now and then shouldn't hurt, just don't get drunk. I've drank a few beers on cycle before (one to three on weekends) and had no issues, tho in retrospect beer was poor choice for the reasons you mentioned above. If you get drunk your next day will be hell.... personal experience. And you will lose a day of progress, and have to recover diet/hydration in the process. Good luck!

  4. It's debatable. Alcohol consumption interferes with metabolism and nutrient uptake, which has a negative effect on muscle growth. One glass of wine isn't going to impact your hormonal influence on muscle gains, but thats only one piece to the puzzle.
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  5. cool, thanks for the feedback guys. i just bought 2 bottles of wine, had a GREAT bench day today so just to mitigate the risks i'll have a cup tomorrow night with some steak or something



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