Couscous vs. Pasta or Rice

  1. Couscous vs. Pasta or Rice

    Hello everyone, I'm back with another question that I would love to get your great opinions on... Couscous vs Pasta and Rice.

    I read in an issue for MuscleMag International of a sponsored model who was speaking about his killer abs in addition to his other great physiques and one of the points he made was that he never-ever, never-ever, ever, ever-never, eats breads and rice. He went as far as to say even brown rice is excluded. Maybe on a rare occasion. But he said he always eats couscous instead. I was excited to heat of another little tidbit to help me grow and at the same time cut my body fat to reach my goal of a six pack one day. However, I am confused because I know couscous is made from Semolina which is the same. So why is rice and breads a no-no yet couscous acceptable? Thanks

  2. Everyones body reacts differently to specific types of carbohydrates and fats. I have friends who are able to eat rice (both white and brown) and not puff up or anything, but if they eat potatoes or pasta, they blow up! I on the other hand cannot eat rice, white potatoes or pasta during prep, but i can have oats, bran, sweet potatoes and corn without worrying about the negative effects most typically get from eating unclean carbs. You just have to find out what works best for your body pertaining to your weight goals. It just might mean that you have to experiment a little. Maybe quinoa works, but rice doesn't...maybe couscous works, but oatmeal doesn' on and so forth. The same rule applies to specific nutritional fats. Animal fats versus plant and seed fats. You get the idea.

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