Advil for inflammation

  1. Advil for inflammation

    The dermatologist said I could load up on advil to prevent redness and inflammation of acne. It works well and in my view is better than antibiotics.
    Is this safe to do long term? I take 2/day. Are there any ways to mitigate any risk? I lead a pretty healthy lifestyle otherwise.

  2. daily use, i dont juice, if i did my acne would be out of control no doubt

  3. Don't do it. Horrible advice from your Dr. Advil is horrible for any active person. It stops the inflammation response and prevents healing. If you are in any way active, just stay away from advil/ibuprofen.’s-a-b...-to-take-advil

  4. If you take it daily it seriously increases your risk for GI ulcers.

  5. Definitely stop it dude. Advil, which is ibuprofen, will screw up your stomach in the long run.



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