Cant seem to eat enough to gain?

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    So how does ON micellar casein have 24g protein and 3g carbs just like the way? Casein protein is protein, lactose is sugar so I don't see how protein contains sugar....I'm gonna have to see some kind of backing to that.

    Cows milk has more casein than whey content, I believe it's split 80/20 or something like that bit casein and lactose are not one and the same. A casein protein is just that, casein, not lactose. At least that's my understanding.
    You are correct lactose is a type of sugar found in milk. What Im saying is that many companies do not purify their powder to remove all the sugar. Most casein and some whey for that matter has lactose , I guess is cheaper to not go the extra process of purification. I see protein powders for 20 bucks and others for 50. To me that means the price difference is prob due to additional purification steps. So, unless the label on the bottle say no sugar it has lactose. The protein powder such as whey protein isolate has that extra step to remove all sugars.
    One brand I found to be lactose free is VPX zero carbs. It specifically says no sugar no lactose. I never have a problem digesting it even at higher dosages. Im not trying to plug VPX but it works for my specific need.

    Not that I looked that hard but I have not seen a casein protein lactose free yet at least when I tried them a while ago. Maybe now days companies have it???... and if there is one I stand corrected.

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    For my sugar and dairy problems I use Almond Breeze and Diesel Protein (stevia ftw). No reaction from either.

    yeap almond drink works
    I drink the coconut milk works really good too.


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