cheat meals through out the week

  1. cheat meals through out the week

    so i try to eat 4 clean meals a day. how many of those meals per week do you think could be cheat meals. say burger and fries or pizza. and not hurt the overall weight loss and training too much?

    one day? or like 6 to 8 out of the 28 total meals? or do you think even less than that.

  2. One a day?? If you are looking for weight loss then it should be more like 1 a week.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by warsteiner View Post
    One a day?? If you are looking for weight loss then it should be more like 1 a week.
    i ment like one full day a week where you eat what you want all day.

  4. I myself rarely ever have a cheat.If i do i actually still do it on the healthy side when going out for it.But i full day i think is overkill.One cheat "meal"a week is a way better way to go.If your desire to cheat is that bad then i'd get your your regular diet in check so there isnt so many cravings.

    I cheat for a break mentally from eating clean every meal,everyday,week after week.Extra calories if needed still come from good choices(extra serv fat/cho)I usally feel like crap after a "real"cheat(burgers/fries,pizza,dessert)so not really worth it to me.

  5. Make it a cheat snack man for example some frozen yogurt/ice cream (no over kill) and it wont hinder anything. Yeah agreed with nova, after I eat like crap I feel like crap so why not just keep it clean and simple.

  6. All of your meals could be "cheat meals" lol when gaining/losing/maintaining weight its about overall caloric intake not specific foods.

  7. I recommend 1 per week (I always do mine on a weekend, and try to do some extra cardio or extra intense workout before)

  8. If your goals are mainly fat loss, then you should try to avoid eating anything not "clean" and designate one day per week in which you can indulge in a cheat meal or two. For competitors in the bodybuilding industry of course they might have one meal a week or non at all. Really depends on the individuals discipline throughout the week with the diet and workout plan as well. I think one meal on your cheat day is plenty. Some people tend to over indulge...more like binge, if they are given a little slack!
    On your "cheat day", designate and plan your meal around a time when you can really sit down and enjoy it. Take your time and not be rushed and definitely not late night when you know you wont be burning off the calories until a day or so later!
    Personally, I like to choose dinner as my cheat meal. I plan the meal ahead of time and mostly I end up cooking it myself at home to make any adjustments to the finish product I possibly can to be sure its healthier than the junk out in the lazy people's world! there are times I may want Chinese or a greasy pizza from Dominos or where ever and I just try to have it early enough to enjoy dessert and still be able to hit the gym or trail in my neighborhood to help utilize the extra barb and fat intake. I just feel guilty letting a cheat meal sit on my belly! Literally! Lol


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