Different TDEE Calculations

  1. Different TDEE Calculations

    Does anyone use different TDEE values for Working out and Rest days?

    I have a problem with online TDEE calculators becuase my TDEE varies greatly between a workout day and non workout day. I recently got a bodybugg and am shocked at the discrepancy between the two. Workout days I burn above 3000 cals and on non-workout days it might be 2000 or low 2000s. So I dont think its realistic to use online calculators and lump these days together to get an average when clearly therie is a major difference. More importantly, the activity multipliers are way to vauge - espcially in light of now seeing what the bodybugg reports.

    It seems to make much more sense, if you can, to determine your avg rest day TDEE and your average workout TDEE and then eat according to your goals. Anyone do this?

    This would line up well for anyone who is recomping or cycling calories for workout and non0-workout days.

  2. I also dont want to use an avg becuase I am gonna try Intermittent fasting where on workout days I will be eating a small surplus and on non-workout days, I will be eating a small deficit. So using an average TDEE kind of dilutes the numbers and blurries the focus.

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