Newbie, help please

  1. Newbie, help please

    Hello everyone, i came across this website and started reading. It seems that people here are honest and helpful. So here goes
    I use to workout and was getting stronger but i could never achieve that body, you know like sculpt it the way i wanted. My chest was my weakest part, it responded so slightly to the pounding whereas my arms grew like anything.
    So anyways i stopped working out and started living unhealthy as i put it. It's been more than 6 months since i went to the gym Now i miss it, the gym and everything. It's been quite a while since i exercised, i want to but i don't know where to start and what to eat. Even when i use to workout, the biggest hurdle was nutrition. What should i eat, when should i eat, and all these kinda questions were always pushing me back.
    So guys how should i get back in shape ? How can i make that nutrition plan which would actually work ? What should an ideal plan be ? Should i workout twice and what about cardio ?
    I feel that i'm not at all strong and i won't be able to lift that much. My stamina is below 0 at this point of time.
    Any help or advice would be really great. Thanks

  2. I'll start by saying this, take into your daily life now (maybe 2-3 days) of what your schedule is like and what you are currently eating & any obstacles you feel that may stand in your way. From there people will tweak it and come up with some game plans for you.
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  3. Welcome to AnabolicMinds!

    I think you should check out a program like the Muscle Book. It's free:
    The book is great. It will provide you some good information on nutrition and training. It really covers everything you are asking about and more.

    Welcome to the community. Hit me up if you ever need extra help.
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  4. Welcome to AM and feel free to contact any of us on the AX Team, as we'll be norw than happy to assist uou.
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