Intermittent Fasting, Carb Cycling for lean mass gains

  1. Intermittent Fasting, Carb Cycling for lean mass gains

    I want to give IF in accordance with a slow clean bulk. I have been eating +15-20% over maintenese and have added weight but I recently increased it to 20% and didnt felt like I was gaining too much fat. I was eating 3000 cals and I was gaining very slowly and not consistently some weeks up some down, but over a few week i was up but I did gain a bit of fat. I was closer to 10% bf but maybe a little under now I think I am up around 11-12%. But it just didn't feel right to eat the same on my workout and non-workout days. On my workout days, I have no problem eating losts of calories and felt like I needed it, and I think i sucked up the carbs but on non-workout days its harder, I have less time as I tended to sleep later and am more lethargic in general and really feel like i'm overeating carbs. Also im getting sick of lugging a cooler around and eating 5-6 meals. I think IF and leangains might be a better fit for me. So I have been following leangains and Now I'm thinking its actually more in line with my tendencies than what im doing now. If there is any hormonal advantage that would be great. I found this online calculator and I wanted to see if I could incoporate what seems to be my tendency into an IF protocol.

    Right now I normally workout @ 5am so my fast would be 8pm to 12am and my feeding window is 12to 8 pm. I will have to experiement with the time but I wanted to get some feedback about my meal plan. I am 158 with approx 10-11% BF. My TDEE is right around 2700. I have a bodybugg and on WO days my cals burned is around 3000 and on non workout days around 2200. TDEE of 2700 is a good average. My goal is to be to 165-170lbs and be 8-10% body fat. Right now I am eating 3000 to 3500 calories with about 250g protein 80g fat 400g carbs.
    As far as my workout, I do a 3 days bodypart split. 1, 2, off, 3, 1, off, repeat. This allows me to hit all bodyparts in 3-4 days. Over the course fo 9 days I hit every muscle group twice with about 3-4 days rest. One workout is hypertrophy based and the other is power based.

    In accordance with the nutrition guidelines I should be getting plenty of macros and they seem to fit in with the recommended guidelines. Protein might be a little high, but I am used to eating that much. I noticed while playing with the numbers that actually bu doing this protein and fats are pretty much the same everyday and the only thing that changes is carbs which makes sense to what I am seeing and feeling. So, How do my macros look in light of my stats and goals.

    REST = 2184 cals
    Protein = 240g (44%)
    Fat = 72g (30%)
    Carbs = 142g (26%)

    WORKOUT DAYS = 3140 cals
    Carbs = 394g (50%)
    Protein = 240g (30%)
    Fat = 70g (20%)

  2. probably a bit late but anyhow in case you come back to this . Reduce your carb intake on rest days to under a 100 and for workout days reduce your fat to no more than 50,,,preferably around 35.

  3. Have you tried this? can you elaborate?

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