Has anyone tried this? Will this even be effective with strength and BBing athletes? The dogma's always been 1g/lb of bodyweight daily (you will have to put the www before the links). ce_nutrition/protein_cycling_for_maximum_ga ins

  2. Since I just started weight training this past Monday, I plan on going at 1 gram per pound for the next six to eight weeks, then will give the advice in the third article you posted a try. I'd be happy to furnish you with results, but I'm thinking that it will take at least 18-20 weeks to go through a 6-8 week cycle, a 4 week protein deficiency, and then another 6-8 weeks.

    Very interesting information, you don't hear many individuals talking about this at the gym. You can be a caveman and fight scientifically backed information forever though! Thanks again.

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