Only place im not tired is the gym....

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by pyrobatt

    Didn't know that! Study please?
    Which part?
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  2. FAA effect on LH:

    At the moment I can't find info on the cycling aspect. Its possible I was just misremembering the data from the study. It does show maximum effect after 12 days of supplementation
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  3. To the OP, please consider taking a week or two off the gym and eat maintenance. Take your Lean Extreme in the evening, two capsules to lower evening cortisol to help you sleep.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by braxbrah
    How do I feel like this?

    Wake up after 8 hour sleep( granted it doesnt feel deep or undisturbed)? Tired.
    Get into work? Tired.
    After breakfast/lunch? Tired.

    I feel exhausted all the time, yawning and generally hot with no energy, apart from when im playing sport of exercising.

    I am low carbing ( 150g a day max) 200g protein and around 40-50g natural fats. I am 5'11 weighing 245lbs with a bodyfat of 24%. I've been on a long term cut. I lift 3/4 times a week and do cardio between 30-45 minutes a day.

    Literally the only place I feel alive is during and after my workouts where I have good energy and a sense of well-being. Why am I tired everywhere else? It makes no sense. I am having vivid nightmares for the most part like i'm in wars and random horrid stuff, cant remember the last time I felt relaxed after a long deep sleep.

    I have a feeling people are going to pull me up for a low natural fat intake and also being dependant on stimulants like the EC stack, I am willing to address this but im especially wary of the added calories higher levels of natural fat will bring. 9 cals per 1 gram.

    Any ideas?
    I am not saying it is this but, get yourself checked for a possible intestinal parasite. There are many many types of parasites, each creating their own specific symptoms or a combo. Lethargy, hunger, anger, inflammation, skin problems, loss of appetite, food allergy, environmental allergy just to name a few symptoms. It can be contracted from water sources, gyms(change rooms, showers, sauna floors/benches)etc. some MDs will disregard, but I can say from personal and helping some local people with similar symptoms that it is likely. If you have a naturopath or a open minded Dr you can get herbal treatment.

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