Ketosis carbs?

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  1. when the body is already in ketosis, the alcohol is converted into acetones which is more or less the same structure as keytones. so although it would get burned for fuel first before fats, the body wouldn't ever leave ketosis if you did for instance bacardi 151 and coke zero/diet coke

  2. after reading your post i agree 100%.. i think i was more or less trying to explain that its like an empty calorie. the fact that it deepens ketosis is the same thing i was saying about hastening a drop into ketosis.. after that though the calories would be better served from a healthy dietary fat.. as it is, your calories are severly limited to begin with. obviously as you mentioned you could deffinatly drink a ****tail like u depicted and stay in ketosis but
    u wouldnt nessisarrily be helping your diet aside from keeping ur sanity. anyhow. the fact is you are correct it would be burned before ketones but like a sugar it wouldnt help you maintain muscle or enhance insulin sensitivity, wich imo is the goal of these diets.

    excellent info tho repped.
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  3. I carbed up all day Saturday and Sunday and the ketosticks went negative. Its interesting that i could eat so many carbs and not feel bloated. Monday I drank several beers and some wine at a pool party (no other carb sources). This morning the ketosticks were still negative but after my workout this evening I'm back in ketosis! (18 hours from my last drink) My energy and strength were also abnormally high during my workout today. I think I will be doing a Tkd with ckd refeeds going forward. The muscles are definitely feel a bit more full.
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  4. the strength is generally from the anabolic environment you have created by supercompensation.. the bodies ability to over compensate for the rebound from starvation, is quite amazing. when u do it perfect its uncanny how strong you can feel. in the one yr. period i have been following body opus i have set at least a half dozen PRs while being calorie restricted. i will admit tho.. its easy to feel like a zombie when u cut your calories too low on this diet.
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