critique my diet bros help me out, looking to lean up after bulkin too fast

  1. critique my diet bros help me out, looking to lean up after bulkin too fast

    As the title suggests i over did my bulk and gained a lot of muscle unfortunately i also gained a fair bit of fat. i store it mainly on the abs so my arms and back are still ripped, strange i know hah. i was looking to do an 8 week cut not to get ridiculously shredded just maybe lean up to 75% ab visibility, i just need a little help about how i should go about this. i am pretty carb sensitive so like to keep my carbs lower than proteins. I have lowered my carbs a little and i have noticed a slight tightening up, i just dont wanna lose any of my hard earned strength.

    I am currently sitting at 105kg at around 17% bf.

    My current diet is:
    6am- 100grams oats, handful raisins, sprinkling of dessicated coconut, 50 grams whey protein shake
    8.45am- post workout shake, 50 gram whey, 80gram dextrose, 10g creatine
    11.00am- greek yogurt, 50g whey/casein(half and half), granny smith apple
    2.00pm- can tuna, olive oil, mayonaise, 4 slices of bread
    6.00pm- 400 gram chicken, 300 gram rice, 3 eggs
    9.00pm- 400 gram chicken
    11.00pm- 50 gram casein shake

    i will work out the macros for this tomorrow in work, the timing 4 my meals is because i work 9 till 5.30. thinking on my non work out day ( which is only two days) drop cals by 35%. All advice welcome, i dont mind changing the whole diet if you can convince me to, i am a personal trainer so my training is on point, i will b honest i have been quite lax on the cardio so im going to increase this for more calorie burn, mix of hiit and liss. looking to maintain strength maybe even increase.

    I have clen on hand but would rather have my diet perfect than resort to a quick fix and not have the proper respect to the graft that goes in. might include it towards the end if i amnt progressing fast enough, but would like to save it for later. all help welcome. Thanks

  2. without knowing your stats and assuming your avi is correct i would start at 3000 cals daily as i came up with 3600 tdee, again this is a rough figure
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  3. I'd start with 15 calories x LB (example: you weight 200LBS - 3,000 cals)
    break down of (45 protein/30 carbs/25 fat)

    Then reduce carbs by 20-30 every 2 weeks for your 8 week cut. Adjust this as you go but not to much. I like gradual more then carb cycling or just depleting, take your time and retain as much muscle as possible.

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