Health and body fat%

  1. Health and body fat%

    I got a ? for those that have a low body fat %.

    Does your well being(mood/happniess,ect..)become affected.Like being in a bad mood all the time.
    Im asking because i felt this way at 5-6%and now at 7%(probaly lower but not being greedy)im no body builder just a country guy that can gain/lose in little to no time(talking 1-2%a month)if i want to.

    But im not/havnt been feeling to chipper for awhile in this % range humbled for getting to it.I already overtrained but am/working on recovery from it.

    Just like some feed back on your guys feelings.

  2. Interesting question
    in my case I went from 165 to 270 over the years and I admit at one point my body fat was over 10% for a while when I was bulking. At 165 I was very low prob 5-6%. Now im about 8-9% at 245ish and at 270 i was prob 12-14% range.
    I def feel much better now. I suppose because Im bigger and also that im not trying to lower my bf below what my body feels comfortable. I feel that where im now my body is in perfect harmony. I dont have to work hard to stay single digits body fat and as long as I eat good and train relatively hard I have an easy time holding on to my mass and stay dry.
    When I was at 5% I was cranky, and felt dizzy a lot prob because body fat was too low for me. Strength was a problem as well. At 270 I felt good as well but just didnt want to carry all that weight around.
    I could lower my bf down to 6% again I suppose but 1.Dont want to lose strength and 2.Dont want to feel the way I used to feel all dizzy and stuff. I rather have some extra fat and be happy

  3. My strength isnt to bad considering what im recovering from and just starting back.Im already hitting my max weight on reps but need some self-control as im not really surposed to be lifting at 97% yet.Started as a pre routine for regular way i train and im already doing it after 3weeks of workouts at a much higher level.

    Like to be at 7%with a positive outlook,mood,ect.. Since im not doing this for any reason but for myself,no desire to show off or anyting om not one to walk around with my shirt off or lift to show off,i workout at my own gym by myself.

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