Coconut Oil

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  1. Quote Originally Posted by Elizabeth0215
    Can anyone suggest the best ways to Take it?
    Should I be adding it to my shakes or how else are you eating it?
    Pre or Post workout better?
    And does heating it up, reduce the beneficial properties? (I know it's not meant to heat on HIGH, but.... I think you know what i mean.)
    You can add it to your shakes. Make sure its already in the liquid state before adding though. Coconut oil can harden up and become the consistancy of butter. Melt before you add.
    Psalms 62:1-62:2

  2. Quote Originally Posted by Chub View Post
    I take a 2-4 spoonfuls a day everyday, get energy booster. Gives you big balls and has me horny 24/7. Love it!

    Just don't take too much at once as it can have you on the bog.

    I take it with my fish oil/krill oil and Vit D.
    Haha....I've experienced the effects of taking too much!! You need the bog immediately and need to go several times until everything has been disposed of!! Be careful...if this had happened whilst travelling I would have been in trouble.



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