For those of you who have had hernia surgery...

  1. For those of you who have had hernia surgery...

    I had hernia surgery a little over a year ago. Took 10 weeks of lifting, just did a little light cardio, swimming, walking. Took another 4 months off from lifting heavy. Just started training heavy about 5 months ago. Ever since the surgery I have had some discomfort/occasional pain around the surgery site, and recently it has been aching more frequently. Has a kind of crinkly feeling if that makes tiny bubbles popping when I push on the area, but the mesh still feels intact. Has anyone who has had a hernia surgery had any issues like this? I am afraid to train heavy! I am wondering if it is just the scar tissue bothering me, or if my body just hasn't ever taken well to the mesh...

  2. what kind of hernia?

  3. umbilical

  4. When I had my surgery there was a ton of pressure in/around the area for a long time. I had it done probably 5 years ago and it is still sore the scar is hard as Rock now and the area is very sensitive. There have been few incidences that I thought it popped or something had happened.

    I would take it easy and dont strain yourself just yet. Lifting shouldn't be too much of an issue as long as yourre not giving it 85% effort. If very concerned get it looked at to ensure there is no further complications.

  5. My uncle was a competitive bodybuilder and he had hernia surgery like 5 years ago.
    He says when he lifts the place where he had surgery feels weird and thinks its gonna pop again but nothing has happened.
    I think its psychological even though he still feels it a little



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