1. Proteinurea

    Has anyone had or know anyone who's had proteinurea? My dad has had a problem with it for awhile now and I'm workin with him to try and improve it. He was on meds that the doc was shoving down his throat (statins, blood pressure) but has since realized the dangers/side effects of such drugs. Although the bp meds can help reduce the excretion of pro in the kidneys they're plenty of ways to reduce bp naturally. We're changing his diet to a low carb paleo type diet to try and hit 5 birds with one stone out of the gate because his diet had never been ideal fir overall health. Just curious what other people's experiences have been and what has worked. Thanks.

  2. He must have had some kidney damage in order to get proteinurea. HTN and Hyperlipidemia can effect that. Does he have CHF too? because the reduced cardiac output depletes the kidneys blood supply to the point where it can damage it and it doesn't filter the blood as well as it should. It's hard to reverse damage that's already done. the focus is on preventing further damage. If you're trying to change his diet, make sure you restrict sodium, and definitely limit fats. The body does need protein, especially to heal, but obviously you don't want to over do it.

    I have a BSN, RN fyi.

    Good luck

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