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    Currently doing lean gains 20/20 split to recomp I weigh about 210 16%bf and goal is to drop to 11 or 12 while gaining strength. I was having issues as far as protein macro. I've always eaten around 310-320 pro a day. Lean gains has me doing 3xkg bw. That's around 280-285 if I'm right. Is that gonna hinder my strength gains? I'm training on a 3 day split of 5/3/1 with the BBB assistance what should I do? Keep te higher numbers or go by the leangains book so to speak.

  2. 280g is MORE than enough.

  3. Thanks frank. 320 was getting expensive

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Bcuzimbatman View Post
    Thanks frank. 320 was getting expensive
    You'll probably find that you don't need 280 either, but to each his own.

  5. Yeah usually 1.5 g per pound is my recommendation anything else is overkill IMO

  6. Quote Originally Posted by TaNkD Up
    Yeah usually 1.5 g per pound is my recommendation anything else is overkill IMO
    Agree. Now do you do 1.5g per lbm or 1.5g for total weight? Just curious..
    Psalms 62:1-62:2

  7. 320? DAMN! 2g-2.5/kg is enough I would say.

  8. Go for 1.5g/lb at a maximum whilst cutting. I've been doing IF for the past 5 weeks and I've been sticking too approximately 220-260g protein per day and making strength gains whilst doing a RPT routine.
    Current: 74kg @ 10% bf Bench: 80kg x 4. Squat: 130kg x 6. Deadlift: 165kg x 6.
    Goal: 78kg @ 6% bf Bench: 1RM 110kg. Squat: 147kg x reps. Deadlift: 185kg x reps.

  9. Just try to hit 1 gram per pound of LBM. On a cut I may make it a bit higher, but that's purely for satiety reasons.

  10. Point is that you dont want to use protein as a energy source because it has 2 carbon and one nitrogen. As the carbon is used for ATP the nitrogen is not and is quite toxic to the body. With that being said in your case 250g of protein should be more than enough to mantain you lean body mass.
    If the diet doesnt work as expected then
    1. check total calories
    2. other factors are hindering your progress.


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