cooking with garlic?

  1. cooking with garlic?

    so recently ive been trying to eat a clove or two of garlic everyday for its health benefits. however, i have heard that cooking with it destroys many of the 'healthy' parts of it, including the allicin. i was just wondering if this covers ALL types of 'cooking'. more specifically, if i were to order a pasta dish that comes with garlic, will the allicin be destroyed? if so, what about adding my own raw garlic to it? i would assume id get the same destruction of benefits by simply adding chopped, raw garlic to a steaming plate of pasta, or would i? (ive also read that the cardiovascular benefits dont come from the allicin and arent affected by cooking, although ive also read the opposite).

    also, i cant find a good answer to this, but how big is a typical 'clove'? i always bought a pack of 3 bulbs bc i thought they were cheaper, until i realized that while buying the single bulb is more expensive, the cloves are like 3x the size. if im shooting for 'a clove a day', should i go with the larger, loose bulbs, or the smaller, buy-in-a-pack bulbs? (sorry, kind of a dumb question, but i figured it makes a difference eating 1 clove of the latter a day as opposed to 1 clove of something far bigger)


  2. I use to eat garlic (4 cloves) everyday with breakfest. Scrambled eggs peppers tomatoes onions and garlic cloves. No bull$*** everytime I ate that, 30 mins I had an insane amount of vascularity. Never got sick while doing this also. I buy the single bulb at least once a week. Depending on bulb. If anything try two cloves in morning with breakfast and theb get some aged garlic extract at a health food store.

  3. see, the problem is that it makes my breath smell SO bad that ive gotta wait until the evening to eat it (when im not going to be around people). just the other day i ate 1 clove (the large kind) downstairs, then came into my bedroom, closed the door and played video games. my friend walks into my room after i had been in it for about 30 minutes, just breathing (didnt actually have any garlic IN my room) and he immediately goes 'man, wtf is that awful garlic smell?' haha.

    maybe i could try the AGE in the morning and stick with my nightly routine of the raw garlic. its just so much better when prepared with and cooked with food, but i dont want to destroy the benefits.

    it just got me thinking, i wonder HOW hot the garlic has to get to destroy its allicin, bc i assume adding chopped garlic to hot food would be just the same as cooking the food with it.

  4. although, a human study showed aged garlic extract to lower systolic bp an average of 10.3 points in people with baseline bp at 140 or above; although it didnt have a significant effect on those with baseline under 140. either way, thats pretty promising, i never put much faith in garlic supplements to lower hbp, but it seems that AGE is the way to go if youre gonna supplement garlic

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