Protein Powder

  1. Protein Powder

    Hi, I was a true nutrition customer and just wanted to try something different.
    I purchased a bag of whey from proteinfactory and can't really tell if it the real deal.
    With true nutrition I felt like I was recovering faster. Well, I guess my question is! Has
    anyone tried proteinfactory and is it any good?(new Zealand whey protein)

  2. No not really but i mean the differences between most quality proteins are few
    The difference between who you are and who you want to be is what you do.

  3. I tried it, didnt notice much diffrence

  4. I thought protein factory was a sponsor here but I don't see a forum section for them. I swear they were a new sponsor only 1 month ago. Wonder what happened...

  5. Honestly I can't think of anything better than protein factory for the price and quality. Literally best tasting protein for me and my friends. 10 dollar shipping is..... bothersome to me but worth it.

  6. Yes, I have been drinking it for about 2 weeks. Seems fine but felt better on true nutritions protein but, I also added the
    Protease and carbohydrate enzymes. I truly believe this is the only difference!

  7. Well after a few weeks of drinking this stuff I think it probably just powdered milk!
    I will not buy from them again. I guess it back to true nutrion for me.
    Note to the guys out there wanting to buy bulk protein don't buy it from protein factory.
    Should have listen to the vets at my gym. Spend your money at a reputable site.

  8. I don't know why u bought product from protein factory?
    If u were happy with true nutrition than why to change it in a first place..
    I usually change something if im not happy about it..

  9. I need some protein fast and true nutrition takes a few days . I was in new york and protein factory was I'm new jersey so I figured I'd try them! Also I'm trying to stay away from sucralose and aspartame. So ON is not a option!

  10. There are lot's of good proteins out there that dont have aspartame and sucralose..
    By the way - i dont know why are you afraid of those sweet agents..They won't make u any harm.
    Only in mega giga hiper dosages they can be harmful.

  11. True nutrition is the best option IMO. Love their products, quality, and service

    On a magic carpet ride

  12. I've used PF for a few years and have been happy w/the quality and results. I usually stick to whey concentrate/isolate though. None of those other "fancy" concoctions they sell.

  13. Recommend PF to everyone and all.


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