Bloodtest shows liver disfunction.

  1. Bloodtest shows liver disfunction.

    Ive been off cycle for over 2 1/2 months now.

    Ive been feeling ill for the past 2 weeks. It started with excessive thirst and hunger. No matter what I drink or eat I never get full.Ive been constantly thirsty/hungry for the last 2 weeks.Nightsweats,cough,sore throat came in later in the 2nd week. My temper has been reallly really short and im easily irratated.. I knew something was wrong.I didnt even feel this irritated on cycle. I thought maybe my test levels were low and I didnt recover well although PCT went great. I was making gains even in POST-PCT.

    Went to the doc on monday to get blood work done. My test ng/dl levels are at 490.

    I think that is pretty low for my age(24). Especially considering how my drive was in the past. Im on tribilus-so my levels are probably naturally lower than that. My doc said im within range- However most docs dont know ****. Im going to go to a clinic that can test all my other hormones. Test isnt the problem anyway.

    The real problem is the doctor saw some sort of liver disfunction.He said it could be hepatitis b. They drew more blood for further test results. I will findout on monday what is really wrong.He said I could have mono as well.

    My cholesterol and sugar levels were normal.

    Abnormal ones are listed below.

    AST/SGOT 79 H (double the limit)
    ALT/SGPT 37 H
    RBC 5.19 H
    Hemoglobin 16.1
    Hematocrit 46.7
    Granulocyte 36L
    Mono 14 H

    Ive been losing alot of muscle. I lost about 5 pounds since Ive been feeling ill.Im still eating 5-6 meals a day and losing weight. Strength in the gym seems to be fine-It could be the tribilus keeping me strong.Think twice before using orals guys. I never get sick in the summer and it hit me unexpectedly. Ive ran many cycles before and I was fine up until now. But my liver said enough is enough.I dont even drink alcohol.

  2. I never knew Tribulus keeps people strong...
    Serious Nutrition Solutions Rep

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Celorza View Post
    I never knew Tribulus keeps people strong...

    Lol. Well it works for me.I get a libido boost and it makes me aggresive in the gym-which keeps me strong throughout my workouts.

  4. What were your pre/post cycle numbers? It's hard to get perspective without baseline numbers.
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  5. Those liver numbers look fine to me.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by Rodja View Post
    What were your pre/post cycle numbers? It's hard to get perspective without baseline numbers.

    Unfortunately I didnt get bloodwork done prior to this cycle because I haven't used anything in 1 1/2 years.

    Quote Originally Posted by tekno View Post
    Those liver numbers look fine to me.

    AST is double the limit.

    Rest are slightly above the limit.

    This is almost 3 months after the cycle.

  7. No reference ranges posted.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by T-Bone View Post
    No reference ranges posted.

    Ill get them for you. The papers are in my car.

    Edit: I was too lazy to walk out of my apartment-and to the parking lot to get the papers. Im feeling really ill. I have the worst headache ever. Anyway-Ill get the papers once I pickup my girlfriend from work.


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